Cloud Enablement

We have a clear-cut philosophy of cloud-first and provide digital solutions for businesses through our comprehensive cloud offerings powered by a strong partner ecosystem. Cloud adoption/cloud migration comes with its challenges like business/stakeholder buy-in, integration into current enterprise architecture, data security & compliance, employee upskilling & more. We ease customers through this journey with our end-to-end cloud enablement services. Our cloud adoption solutions are powered by proprietary Cloud Orchestration Platform zIrrus that drives cloud migration, cloud-enabled DevSecOps, and Environment as a Service (EaaS).

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The outcomes of the readiness evaluation and advisory processes are:
  • Business/IT need assessment
  • Cloud Strategy
  • Roadmap & Best Practices
  • Verification & Validation services
  The current & target states are evaluated on different aspects such as Performance, Architecture, Costs, Risk, Operations & Security, from the business and technical perspectives, based on the criteria shown below:


The Migration Office provides the framework for Cloud Migration. A typical migration approach starts with application assessment, migration plan/strategy, progresses to the actual migration, testing and finally transition, acceptance. Our Customer Success Center extends the Migration Office for seamless release transition/cutover to production and faster releases.

Migration Strategies

The migration is guided by the blueprint & journey map. Key activities include garnering stakeholder support, selection of pilot projects, creation of a functional staging environment, orderly movement of services, data & system integration and a strong financial model to support the migration.

Rehost: Migration that involves only ‘Lift & Shift’ of the existing system

Refactor: Integration between apps/products either across clouds or between cloud and on-prem

Replace: Provisioning of COTS e.g. SaaS

Rebuild: Rearchitect, redesign, refactor, integration between apps/products

Key Functions of the Migration Office – Management of the following

Communication: Focus on project charter, seamless knowledge sharing and best practices from other engagements

Operations: On-time project execution within budget using multiple functions spread across locations

People: Collaboration involving multiple stakeholders driven by pre-defined responsibility matrix

Stakeholders: Platform to onboard multiple stakeholders to achieve the desired target state

Change: Assurance to business during the transition viz user experience, availability; Types of data migration, data synchronization techniques adopted; Tools adopted for change management, zero down time – zero data loss in migration; Roll-over/roll-back/sign-off process

Technology: Types of SaaS, PaaS availability for the target cloud; Data cleansing, data cleaning &  data synchronization; Connection of CI/CD/CT process as part of release and day-to-day operations; Tool-kits & templates for version upgrades, patch management, OS upgrades before readying them for cloud migration

Process: Reference for choosing the right processes & procedures for migration, transition, end-of-life

Program: Responsible for the overall governance, project execution, performance metrics & audits

The zIrrus Platform drives cloud-enabled DevOps resulting in improved business agility, and savings in operations costs. It is an integrated platform for Discovery, Monitoring, Orchestration, Provisioning and Packaging of the application landscape. Key EaaS use cases of zIrrus are in Environment Provisioning, Configuration Management and DevOps/Release Management.

zIrrus USPs and Benefits

  • Enables IT on Demand/Software Defined Infrastructure
  • Delivers seamless migration with zero downtime & zero data loss, with an integrated console to execute migration and monitor progress
  • Makes digital businesses cloud agnostic, and automates swift & secure application development & deployment with its unique DevOps stack
  • Leverages the ZIFTM Discover module to auto-discover applications, network connections, ports, protocols and for Application Auto-Discovery and Dependency Mapping (ADDM)
  • Monitors applications based on custom metrics
  • Auto-Provisioning done using ZIFTM Analyze, Predict and Remediate
  • Provides unified dashboard for consolidated view of the landscape
  • Can work on most Cloud Platforms

Microsoft Azure is a suite of cloud services that allows you to build, manage & deploy applications on a massive global network. With security & privacy built into the platform, and with a comprehensive set of compliance offerings, Azure offers unparalleled security, standards conformance & regulatory compliance.

As a strategic partner for end-to-end cloud transformation, we can help your business – regardless of the cloud adoption maturity - with our extensive portfolio of cloud engineering & professional services, and extensive expertise in the Microsoft Azure platform.

We offer Azure Cloud Services as a separate Managed Service Offering, under these broad categories:

  • Consulting
    Our assessment & advisory services will help organizations leverage the cost-saving economies, scalability, and flexibility associated with cloud computing. We provide either short assessments or detailed ones that would take anywhere from six to ten-weeks.
  • Cloud Migration
    Application Modernization
    This enables innovation and differentiation by rehosting, refactoring, rearchitecting, or rebuilding custom Lines of Business (LoB) applications by leveraging Azure Platform as a Service (PaaS).

    Cloud-native Development
    This helps customers develop cloud-native strategies leveraging DevOps, Continuous Delivery, APIs, Microservices, Containers, and Big Data integration capabilities, thereby accelerating the move towards a cloud-native model in a sustainable and repetitive manner.
  • Cloud Modernization
    Modernization services help organizations build a comprehensive approach to move application workloads, data and infrastructure to an enterprise-ready cloud. Tools and solutions developed in-house can help in faster migration of workloads, quicker provisioning & scaling, and building an agile infrastructure. Our services include Cloud Infrastructure Setup, Automation, Orchestration, and Migration
  • Cloud Operations & Optimization
    These services include Resource provisioning, Cloud Support (Azure PaaS, Managed Azure Infrastructure Services, & Managed Azure Subscription), and Monitoring and Managing Azure Spend


  • 400+ professionals directly involved in modernizing of legacy applications and migrating to Azure
  • In-house multi-cloud compatible cloud orchestration tool – zIrrus - for seamless application packaging, workload migration and provisioning in Azure
  • Re-platforming of several legacy application systems & best-in-class platforms to Microsoft Azure for one of the largest commercial jet manufacturers
  • Completion of SAP Upgrade, Migration and Rehosting to Azure for one of the largest FMCG companies based in APAC
  • Currently support 4000+ VM in Azure, and manage more than 500 TB of data with Azure Site Recovery (ASR) under Managed Infrastructure Services
When there is an urgent need for critical information at the point of care, it is easier and faster to use messaging apps. But in the highly regulated healthcare environment dealing with sensitive patient information, convenient communication comes at the cost of security and compliance.

Now you can have it all with Microsoft 365. It brings together best-in-class apps like Word, Excel, PowerPoint & Outlook along with OneDrive cloud storage and a set of cloud-connected services like SharePoint, Teams & Yammer. Microsoft 365 helps you work, communicate, and collaborate securely with your team anytime, anywhere, and on any device. With features like co-authoring, video conferencing and advanced security and compliance, Microsoft 365 helps you stay nimble and provide secure connected care.  

Key Challenges

  • Team-based nature of modern medical care
  • Massive digitalization of healthcare data
  • Fragmented tools for communication, collaboration, and access
  • Stringent patient privacy regulations
  • Conundrum of quick collaboration at point of care, that is also secure & compliant

Microsoft 365


Why Microsoft 365 for Secure Collaboration?

  • Swift and secure communication, collaboration & access
  • Consistent User Experience and ease of use, with healthcare tools in a single hub
  • Enhanced productivity with cloud-connected and always up-to-date software
  • Advanced messaging features like priority notifications and message delegation
  • Communities for patient-clinician engagement, learning & sharing
  • Ability to integrate EHR & EMR for care coordination
  • Secure & compliant collaboration workflows and messaging features like PHI & sensitive data security, enterprise mobility, and identity access management
  • Proactive prevention of security risks with Cloud App Security
    • Rich visibility, control over data travel, and sophisticated analytics
    • AI-led detection & remediation of advanced threats such as compromised users, insider threats, exfiltration, and ransomware
  • Comprehensive international and healthcare-specific regulatory compliance