Cyber Security

Prepare – Protect – Proactively Respond

Fortify your healthcare offerings with Long 80’s end-to-end Cyber Security Solutions, which will help manage risk and build an effective cyber security program. Long 80 caters to the full suite of security services, be it assessment, operations, or strategy. We will help you conquer your most critical cyber security issues. Roughly 75% of our security practice is aligned to healthcare clients, and we are HIPAA compliant, PCI-DSS & ISO certified, among others.

Long 80 Brochure Cyber Security Brochure Case Study

Long 80 leads with some of the industry leading frameworks such as Gartner’s CARTA (Continuous Adaptive Risk and Trust Assessment) and leverages its global alliances with technology leaders in the areas of IAM, Endpoint Security, Cyber Defense, and so on. Considered one among the top cyber security companies, our suite of services include assessment & advisory, managed security services tailored for healthcare, digital identity, security project implementation, DevSecOps, and cloud security. Our proprietary AI platform for IT operations management drives proactive detection and remediation of cyber security issues.

Assessment & Advisory Services
Security Operations
Digital Identity Services
Security Project Implementation
DevSecOps & Cloud Security

Awards & Accolades

We are consistently recognized in reports from analyst firms like Everest, in IT Security & Healthcare IT Security PEAK MatrixTM.

The Long 80 Value-adds

  • Ability to empower the three pillars – People, Process & Platform
  • AI & Automation enabled Detection & Response driven by AI platform for IT operations management
  • Dedicated SOC analysts with superior contextual knowledge of client environment
  • Product & technology agnostic security consultants & analysts
  • Both Offensive & Defensive (red & blue) security teams
  • Security Center of Excellence (CoE) with standard templates, playbooks, and new defense techniques



The blurring of enterprise data boundaries due to hybrid infrastructure & technologies like IoT, and the frequency of complex data breaches with heavy monetary & user impact, have made cyber threat prevention a top strategic priority at the board, management, government, and regulatory levels. Our assessment and advisory services can help you assess overall risk exposure, identify gaps, and strike a balance between the technology and process aspects of a cybersecurity program while aligning with regulatory needs. We take a phased approach to building a resilient cybersecurity framework for organizations. Our recommendations include prioritized short, medium, and long-term action items across People, Processes & Platforms, and estimations of cost and effort.

Key Outcomes

  • Current Risk Posture – effectiveness of controls and areas of improvement
  • Gaps with criticality ratings
  • Aligning security strategy with business goals and regulatory compliance
  • Prioritized recommendations for quick wins, and long-term security strategy

Key Differentiators

  • 8+ years of experience in cybersecurity assessments
  • Security consultants & analysts with deep expertise in
    • multiple security technologies and products
    • contextual knowledge of the client environment
    • monitoring, threat hunting, threat intelligence, and incident response services
  • Security Center of Excellence (CoE) with accelerators, reusable templates, innovations, and methodologies across sectors
  • Global Strategic Partnerships with technology leaders like Splunk, Darktrace, SailPoint, CyberArk, and Microsoft, enabling faster competency development, and early access to product roadmaps
  • Memberships in IT security & governance associations like ISACA

Assess your security posture & remediate your risks with our offerings!

Vulnerability Advisory
Vulnerability Assessment
Management and Technical Table-top Exercises (TTX)
Risk Assessment

Complex IT landscapes, increasing sophistication of threats, cloud adoption, BYOD policies, and siloed IAM strategies are creating challenges in the management of identities & access, reducing security stature, mounting compliance concerns, and impacting user productivity & operational efficiency. This has mandated that comprehensive & cohesive identity & access management become part of strategic IT planning.

The Long 80 Approach

Tackling these challenges requires an in-depth understanding of the business and IT environments of the enterprise. The lack of a cohesive IAM strategy can lead to resource access mismanagement, poor end-user experience, and high administrative overhead. IAM implementations are long-term strategic projects that need to be aligned with business objectives.

Based on our experience, and learnings from customer engagements, we understand and tailor the fundamental business cases – IT Risk & Compliance, Operational & Cost Effectiveness, Business Enablement, Security – in accordance with business drivers. We extract the right set of elements from the business cases to craft a compelling roadmap and strategy for the deployment of a robust IAM solution.

We provide a manageable, scalable, efficient, and standards-based IAM solution that may be leveraged across businesses, platforms, and systems – and have been instrumental in the IAM transformation of global brands across industries. Our strong organization pedigree and robust partner ecosystem enable us to have a broad understanding of IAM products. Our IAM practice has defined a well-thought-out delivery cycle with a structured approach to effectively drive the IAM implementation while helping the business reap functional and operational benefits.

The Differentiators

  • End-to-end IAM offerings with technical proficiency across multiple solutions
  • A dedicated team of domain experts, architects, and designers
  • Established knowledge repository with standards and proven frameworks for each industry
  • Tailored approach to customization
  • Long-standing technology partnerships with industry-leading IAM vendors
  • Year-on-Year TCO reduction

The Solutions

We have extensive experience and technical expertise in the complete identity management suite of solutions.

Identity Governance
Access Management
Identity Providers

The Engagement Model

We aim to build and implement a successful IAM solution that enterprises can leverage to enhance security, agility, and compliance while harvesting financial gains. As a strategy and planned implementation play a significant role in IAM projects, we employ our strong project management expertise coupled with technical know-how.

Advise – Getting Started
Build – Integrated Program
Run & Transform – Extend Investments

Partner Network

We have global partnerships with some of the leading technology vendors.

Power up your defence mechanisms and stay ahead of the game! We provide round-the-clock guardrails to thwart intrusions and deliver uncompromised security – be it on-premise, mobile, cloud or edge.

Managed Detection & Response is a proactive approach that comes with a comprehensive set of security defense components starting from monitoring, threat intelligence, threat hunting to intelligent incident analysis and response.

The Long 80 Approach

Speed is key to immunize networks, systems & data against cyber threats, and to protect from financial & reputational loss. The Long 80 MDR service augments the capabilities of cutting-edge security solutions with an artificial intelligence-driven, integrated security approach that provides greater visibility of threat vectors across the IT landscape, constant monitoring, proactive detection, alert prioritization and accelerated incident response.

The Differentiators

  • ‘Follow the Sun’ global delivery model
  • Over 8 years of experience in frontline security operations
  • 24×7 monitoring, with cyber experts available across all time zones
  • Choice of flexible support hours
  • Automation platform with playbooks and response workflows
  • Red team well versed in the latest cyber kill chains
  • Security analysts with deep domain expertise & rich consulting experience
  • Curated industry-specific threat intelligence
  • Periodic reviews and proactive identification of gaps & remediations to security posture
  • Extended support through the Security COE team as required


Our analysts perform round-the-clock alert monitoring and analysis, with massive scalability to adapt to spikes in threat volumes. We use the monitoring features of our leading edge AIOps platform ZIFTM, but can also leverage any in-house AI-based monitoring solution, and fine-tune suitably to the baselines & challenges evidenced in the environment.


The team of cyber security experts detects intrusions and conducts static & dynamic analyses to examine a sample’s behavior. The team analyzes each of the steps in the expanded kill chain model, and builds capabilities to detect and mitigate attacks within each of the steps. Behavior analysis is done by dedicated SOC analysts who understand the environment’s unique characteristics.


Our threat hunting experts go beyond log sources, and proactively investigate the enterprise infrastructure to identify potential compromise, or for a breach activity that a hacker might initiate at a later stage. They use manual and automated approaches to look for suspicious actors that bypass security controls.


Our Threat Intelligence service helps accelerate detection of anomalous activity with proprietary threat intelligence, specific to the enterprise’s threat landscape. Threat intelligence aggregation data is produced from various validated threat sources sharing Indicators of Compromise (IOC) information. Analysts then enrich internal alerts with this external information and context, thereby accelerating triage, scoping, and containment of the incident.


Long 80 provides 24x7 incident response coverage by bringing together the automation and remediation features of the ZIFTM AIOps Platform, and a team of seasoned incident responders with rich response experience in major breaches. They can rapidly investigate, contain the attack and take remedial measures, working in tandem with the enterprise’s IT team. ZIFTM automation features include workflows and playbooks for routine aspects of incident management, triaging and response.

Our comprehensive security approach is based on the premise ‘Threat is Everywhere’ and we challenge that by powering up the ‘Prepare -> Protect & Prevent-> Respond & Remediate’ security layers with our highly competent security team and leading edge tools, technologies & processes.  


  • Devices Management – Firewalls, IDS/IPS
  • SIEM Management
  • Privileged Access Management
  • Vulnerability Management
  • Endpoints & Devices
  • Email Security


  • Security product lifecycle management and operations
  • Implementing OEM best practices
  • Periodical tuning of security policies and rules
  • Regular weekly/monthly reporting and Business Value Dashboards
  • Security architecture recommendations

Key Benefits

  • Highly competent team of security analysts with rich domain knowledge & vast implementation experience
  • Vast product integration knowledge and ample choice of alliance partner solutions
  • Automation of triaging and incident management through AIOps platform ZIFTM
  • Streamlined & automated security operations workflows and optimized standard operating procedures through ZIFTM, in these areas:
    • Security Information & Event Management (SIEM)
    • Access Management
    • Virus Management
    • User Accounts
    • Phishing Email Investigation
    • Vulnerability/Deep Security Scans
    • Automated Confirmation Workflows

Our Cyber Risk Management Solution TruOps empowers businesses with a holistic, real-time view of risks and threats across IT & Security Operations, Identity, Applications, Cloud, Compliance, Governance, BCP/DR and Audit. TruOps GRC solution framework can be calibrated for automation of your IT Risk & Compliance business processes. TruOps’ inherent features can be leveraged to identify and build an application framework based on existing security, risk and compliance posture. This framework will be used to build a flexible roadmap that guides the selection of partners, products and solutions needed to create the technology landscape for the secure management and development of all your applications.    

Key Features

  • Simple by design framework: Quick implementation
  • Customizable: Caters to unique aspects of your business
  • Scalable: Grows with business risk process maturity level
  • Responsive: Consistent UX on any device
  • Automation: Automate IT risk compliance processes to drive common definitions
  • Configurable workflows: Global workflows and notifications
  • Connectors: To integrate readily with asset databases and security tools
  • Exportable risk report: Details on risk owners, risk exposure, closure dates
  • Rich & dynamic dashboards: Unified view of IT risks for insights and corrective actions