ZIF-AIOps Managed Services

The use of AI tools in IT Operations management (AIOps) drives huge cost savings & operational efficiencies through intelligent automation, and enhanced user experience due to increased service availability. Our Zero Incident FrameworkTM (ZIFTM) for AIOps uses Unsupervised Pattern-based Machine Learning to filter out noise, detect anomalies, correlate events, analyze root cause, predict incidents, and even self-remediate.

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AIOps Platform Zero Incident FrameworkTM (ZIFTM) has an end-to-end suite of tools that can work cohesively or as stand-alone components: Discover, Monitor, Analyze, Predict and Remediate. The platform includes a comprehensive set of features as illustrated in the picture below, that seamlessly integrate with enterprise tools and functions and drive the environment towards Zero Incidents. ZIFTM enables AI-led Discovery, Monitoring, Noise Reduction, Event Correlation, Outage Predictions & Prescriptive Remediation. Our AIOps-led offerings include IT Operations, Digital Service Desk, Data Center as a Service (DCaaS), and Managed Infrastructure Services with ZIFTM.


Discover provides Application Auto-Discovery and Dependency Mapping (ADDM). It automatically discovers and maps applications and topology of the end to end deployment, hop by hop.

  • Zero configuration
  • Auto-discovery of infrastructure
  • Auto-discovery of applications of all flavors like multitenant, multiple instances, SaaS, virtually delivered, tiers of a multi-tiered application
  • Auto-discovery of all users of all applications
  • Real-time dynamic topology mapping


Monitor measures and improves end-user experience. It monitors in real-time all the layers that contribute to user experience – including but not limited to applications, databases, servers, APIs, end points, and network devices. Symptom-based proactive monitoring is the USP of the module.

  • Full stack visibility​
  • Detection of events, alerts, anomalies
  • Application Health Index, User Experience Index


With a Big Data platform under its hood, Analyze ingests volumes of raw monitoring data, both structured and unstructured from siloed monitoring tools, groups to build linkages, understands underlying subsequences & failure patterns and provides a high degree of accuracy in correlations. Analyze removes enterprise alert fatigue.

  • Pattern-based dynamic thresholds
  • Ingestion & correlation of diverse datasets
  • Correlation based on physical and logical asset relationships​
  • Noise nullification
  • Event prioritization & grouping​
  • Accelerated Root Cause Analysis (RCA)


Predict provides actionable insights by predicting performance degradation & capacity utilization bottlenecks based on real-time analytics on events & alerts, and detecting behavior patterns. This paves the way for preventative actions.

  • Forecasting resource consumption
  • Forecasting capacity needs​
  • Forecasting incident volume
  • Detection of potential failures


Remediate suggests prescriptive recommended actions to accelerate closure of IT issues based on system behavour, historical data, and best practices. It also auto-triggers workflows to take care of routine tasks, freeing up IT staff bandwidth.  ​

  • Automatic capacity orchestration​
  • Auto-remediation/self-healing​
  • Virtual Engineer

Our AIOps Platform ZIFTM when used for Digital Service Desk focuses on User Experience rather than traditional SLAs. It helps contain the proliferation of tickets by correlating the multiple alerts triggered from infra components and applications for the same parent issue. ZIFTM also groups together similar, duplicate  alerts/events into one ticket. This results in a drastic drop in ticket volumes, freeing up IT bandwidth to focus on relevant tickets. Accelerated Root Cause Analysis (RCA) helps get to the root of the problem directly. Prediction of potential problems, proactive remediation of simmering issues, automation workflows for first response and routine tasks gives the service desk a complete make-over.


  • Excellent User Experience
  • Huge Savings in operations costs due to:
    • Faster ticket triage
    • Reduced Time to Mitigate (TTM)
    • Reduced service desk team size
    • Improved agility
    • Quicker implementations due to continuous addition/upgrading of connectors

Key Features

  • AIOps-based Predictive & Prescriptive Analytics Platform
  • AI-based Voice Assistants and Chatbots
  • Social Media Integration
  • Process Workflow Automation
  • 200+ Plug and Play Workflows for Service Desk and Incident Management
  • Virtual Supervisor
  • Task Automation through User Events/Virtual Supervisor

Our Data Center as a Service (DCaaS) offering gives you access to your own modern, secure, high performing data center and enables significant reduction in operating expenses and cost-effectiveness as compared to public cloud options. We take complete ownership of building the infrastructure, financing, hosting business applications, end-to-end management and disaster recovery. AI-led process automation, advanced analytics and service orchestration helps the customer accelerate strategic initiatives and focus on business goals while we take care of their infrastructure.

  Key Benefits
  • Turnkey data center solution
  • AIOps platform ZIFTM-driven
    • Proactive monitoring & management
    • Automation & business-aligned analytics
    • 24*7 Digital Service Desk / NOC
  • Migration partner with extensive experience
  • Strategic OEM channel partnerships
  • ISO 20000, 9001 & 27001 certified; PSI DSS, HIPAA compliant
  • Recognized by the industry: Black Book Market Research, Everest, Gartner

Our approach to Managed Services enables frictionless transition with the use of our AIOps & Automation Platforms in integration with existing ITSM & ITOps tools, coupled with service excellence and service optimization. Our key focus is to improve user experience by 10X and reduce resource utilization by at least 40% by leveraging our SMART tools and the ZIFTM Platform.  

We offer

  • Data Center Assessment & Advisory
  • Data Center Consolidation & Migration
  • Data Center Management
  • Infrastructure Re-engineering
  • Remote Infrastructure Monitoring
  • Managed Infrastructure Support
  • BCP & Disaster Recovery