Enabling Stabilized Network Security while the Global Economy is Sinusoidal

Sundaramoorthy | August 3, 2022

We know that Network Security is the heart of businesses across industries. In this article, I will discuss how we could enable network security regardless of status of the economy.

When it comes to network security, it should be always 100%. The business and the network should be strongly secured with the full potential of the infrastructure of the networks. It’s impossible to measure the Network Security on percentage basis. For network security, % is not a valid measure to scale it, other than maximum. It’s out of scope to say the business network is 80% or 90% secured, even 99.99% of IT security coverage is a weak network. The reason being the gap of 0.1% is more than sufficient for the hackers to breach the networks. To highlight again, IT networks should always be strong irrespective of the global market’s financial trends.

Fig 1.1 Global Financial trend vs Individual Entity revenue trend

Note: The graph plotting does not represent any specific entity or quarters of the global trend, the plotting is used for reference only for the documentation in general.

Fig 1.2 Recommended (Series1) approach vs Unsecured Approach (Series 2), Global financial trend (Series 3) for reference

Note: The graph plotting does not represent any specific entity or quarters of the global trend, the plotting is used for reference only for the documentation in general.

Fig 1.1 shows the Global financial trends on how the market is performing with ups and downs based on the multiple other factors in the industry for a financial quarter. Orange line in Fig 1.1 show how the Individual Entity has generated revenue in each quarter. By using these two graphs of Global financial trend and individual entity’s revenue let see how to stabilize the network security.

Security enforcement in the corporate and business networks should be stabilized. Enforcement and the allocation of funds for security should never be proportional to market’s financial trend or based on the individual entity revenue, it should always be based on the infrastructure in the network.


Consider the fig 1.1, the plot Qn shows that the Market and Entities financial performance is at the peak. It does not indicate that it’s the right time to start focusing on strengthening the Network Security. It’s the right time to focus on the CORE of business, and to focus on that, the business environment should be fully equipped with the required IT infrastructures – Network Security being one of the pillars. To achieve this mode of business, the investment for strengthening the Network Security should start multiple quarters earlier regardless of the financial market and revenue of the entity. In fig 1.1, lets focus on the plotting Qn+6 which represents the Market and financial revenue of the Entity is at the lowest, but it’s the best time for strengthening the IT infrastructures, SOC & NOC (Security Operations Centre & Network Operations Centre).

When the revenue is low, often business strategies change to give the revenue a boost. Whatever measures are taken, temporary and permanent, it should be ensured that network security is not compromised regardless of the revenue. Any lapses in this period may turn into serious risks for the future of the business.


Fig 1.2 shows the Recommended and Unsecured way of strengthening the business. Recommended approach suggests standard strengthening of SOC & NOC of the business entity, it also shows the unsecured approach which is not recommended and threatens the future of the business. Aligning the individual entity’s revenue with the investment on network security it is not recommended and secure.

Ripple Effect

As we have discussed the ups and downs of the global economy, let me discuss a tiny approach on how to handle the financial trends effectively without affecting the business and exceeding the limited budgets. As soon as we see the financial market trend moving in the unexpected directions, it should be taken as an opportunity to invest. This will help the global market in moving towards the positive direction. The investment which you make as leader will be utilized for the Entity and yet help the global market. The investment could be small, like a drop which creates ripple effect for the global economy, multiple such micro, small, medium and large investments creates many ripples which definitely pushes the trends upwards.

Ripple of Investments impacting Global financial market

So, what could be the right amount to invest? Yes, it’s a billion-dollar question. It depends on individual infrastructure capacities and business Network Security requirements. Keeping your Network Security always strong is the ultimate goal. Let’s not waver our focus from that.

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