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Businesses moving towards digitalization of workspaces to provide employee mobility with tighter control over endpoints, are looking at Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI) solutions for viable alternatives.

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In the highly regulated healthcare environment, compliance to legislations like HIPAA and CCPA mandate provision of robust security and data privacy for Protected Health Information (PHI), and sensitive patient and clinical data. The complexity of modern cyberattacks, growing popularity of mobile healthcare like telemedicine, increasingly mobile workforce, remote access needs for medical transcriptionists and medical billing/coding agents are some drivers that are escalating demands for secure remote access in the healthcare industry.

Protect yourself from data breaches and safeguard remote access with one of the best virtual desktop solutions in the market, zDesk – Remote, Secure, Desktop-as-a-Service (VDI+). Coming from one among the top companies offering desktop virtualization solutions, you can rest assured that zDesk will take care of all your secure remote working needs.

zDesk for VDI offers one to multi-thousand seat deployments with options for standard, shared, power or lite models; persistent or non-persistent; and hosted or managed implementations. zDesk combines the benefits of VDI and Desktop-as-a-Service (DaaS) and can be hosted either on-premise or on a private/public cloud of your choice. The zDesk stack can integrate with brownfield environments, sit on top of almost any hardware, and deliver consistent user experience from any device. It is secure with multi-factor authentication, and compliant with HIPAA & HITECH standards.

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Key Benefits and Features

  • Gain instant access to emails, patient/clinical data and applications from any computing device across locations, within the hospital environment. Options available for secure remote access as well.
  • Go Mobile: Access patient health history, medical reports/information on any device. Recommend medication, tests and provide consultation to patients and clinical staff, while you are on the move.
  • Securely access sensitive healthcare data, prevent data breaches with zDesk’s secure, centralized computing & data environment. Data is not stored locally on the endpoint device.
  • zDesk is fully compliant with industry regulations like HIPAA, CCPA & HITECH and best practices & standards such as NIST. Has safeguard mechanisms (like secure data access, read, write and data at rest) to ensure the confidentiality, integrity and availability of sensitive healthcare information.
  • zDesk provides in-host accelerated RAM, optimized storage, and automated cluster management ensuring a high-performing VDI experience.
  • zDesk’s application virtualization and accelerated hardware performance enable quick processing of patient/clinical data and fast response times of EHR/EMR & other clinical applications. This helps increase productivity, and hence better patient care.
  • Simple, flexible & affordable single-vendor end-to-end VDI solution for profit & non-profit healthcare organizations. Full-function VDI stack deployable in any x86 compatible hardware and tightly integrated in a single fabric. Can leverage existing spare hardware in the data center. Flexible financing options available.
  • Simplicity of hyperconvergence and software-defined technology
  • Unified dashboard simplifies management, orchestration & troubleshooting. Optimized desktop pool management; intelligent use of resources to scale infrastructure. Does not require experienced staff or special expertise for management.
  • Complete ownership of all aspects of building & delivering the VDI solution: architecture, hardware design, procurement, optional hosting, customizations, clinical application integration and support.
  • Experience cost savings in utility bills, hardware, annual software licenses, desktop refresh initiatives, OS migrations, and IT incident management (due to reduced number of incidents, and faster Mean Time to Repair (MTTR)).
  • zDesk replaces the need for expensive hypervisors, brokering and management technologies, reducing the typical TCO of a VSI/VDI implementation by 50-75%.